The following is an overview of typical fees and expenses that prospective adoptive parents will likely encounter for services related to the adoption process. Fees vary by country and are subject to change. Please contact Adopolis for the most up to date information.

Phase I - Adoption Expenses in the United States:

Agency Fees include the expected total fees and estimated expenses for all adoption services, other than the home study, that will be provided in the United States, including but not limited to personnel costs, administrative overhead, operational costs, training and education, communication and publication costs, and any other costs related to providing adoption services in the United States.

Application Fee
Paid on submission of application form.
Agency Fees in connection with the adoption of one child.

Fees will be $1,000 higher for a sibling group and are determined on a case by case basis for adoption of unrelated children. Fees are paid in two parts, the first half with the submission of the international adoption services agreement to Adopolis, the second half is payable following approval of the I-600A or I-800A, as applicable to your case.

Annual maintenance fee for cases taking longer than one year to complete:
Express courier delivery service of documents
(Varies depending on the number of deliveries made during the process, families can provide Adopolis with their own express service account number.)
Approx. $400

Center for Excellence in Adoption Services, Inc. (CEAS)

This fee is paid to Adopolis after your application has been accepted by us and your case has been registered for monitoring by the Center for Excellence in Adoption Services. This fee is set by CEAS and is passed directly to them to cover their oversight.

Per child,

Home Study:

1. When the home study is prepared by Adopolis for families resident in the District of Columbia or outside the United States. (For foreign residents, travel expenses for required in-person home visits must be included.)

Application fee for the home study for any international adoption program.
Home Study preparation.
Home Study preparation.
The first half is paid with the submission of the agreement and the second half at the completion of the home study report.
Home study update/amendment for families in the District of Columbia or outside of the United States.
Specific education/training for prospective adoptive parents provided by Adopolis.
Education/training. Minimum of 10 hours required for prospective adoptive parents by other organizations.
$300 and up
Post-placement or post-adoption services as required by the foreign country for families in the District of Columbia. Each visit includes preparation of a written report. (For foreign residents, travel expenses for required in-person home visits must be included.)
Translation as needed and express courier service for post-adoption reports for the foreign country.
Each report $300

2. When the home study is prepared by a supervised or exempt provider agency for families resident in other states. (A Supervised Provider Agreement must be executed between Adopolis and the other agency.)

Home study prepared by another agency, paid to that agency, varies.
$2,500 and up
Adopolis review of home study prepared by a supervised or exempt provider agency (paid to Adopolis)
Update or amendment of home study prepared by another agency, varies
$500 and up
Post-adoption services in the United States as required by the foreign country prepared by another agency.
Each visit with a written report.
$300 and up

Phase II – Foreign Country Fees and Expenses –

Should it become necessary to properly process your adoption plan, you and Adopolis will engage a Supervised Foreign Provider (FSP). The most usual reasons for engaging a Foreign Supervised Provider would be if any of the required six adoption services are not provided by a competent governmental authority. Documents originated from governmental authorities need to be obtained to meet the U.S. Department of State and USCIS requirements. The cost of this is estimated to be from $3,000 to $9,000


The Foreign Supervised Provider shall submit invoices for all expenses in accordance with services performed. Such invoices shall state a description of each specific service performed. The fees shall be designed to provide maximum transparency for prospective adoptive parents.

Payments to the Foreign Supervised Provider are billed by the FSP and will vary. The Foreign Supervised Provider agreement will contain a document with itemized fees and a payment schedule. In some countries fees may depend on the number of children that a family is adopting


Agency fees paid to Adopolis cover performance of services and are non-refundable. Payment of fees does not guarantee the referral of a child or successful completion of the adoption case. Refunds of Foreign Country Fees will be made on a case-by-case basis, to be determined by the Foreign Providers to which the money was paid, based on work completed. Refunds cannot be made for services that have already been performed. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to Adopolis, which will forward the refund request to the Foreign Providers for their consideration.


These estimated third party expenses are the sole responsibility of the prospective adoptive parent(s). These expenses may be changed at any time by the providers of the services.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) I-600A or I-800A form.
USCIS Biometrics fingerprints per adult at home.
Child Care (if applicable)
Appox, $150 – 450 mo.
Special fees: Currently Adopolis does not charge any special fees for special services such as cultural programs for adoptees, scholarships, or other services. If such a program were to be established the line item in the fee schedule would have an amount listed. There would be an explanation listing the country it is for and the humanitarian programs it supports. If it existed it would support the above underlined activities.
Contributions: Adopolis does not have a fee for any fixed contribution amount or percentage that the prospective adoptive parent(s) will be expected or required to make to child protection or child welfare service programs in the child's country or in the United States.
Department of State, U.S. passport, per adult.
Adoption Visa for travel to the foreign country, each parent (If applicable)
Approx. $100
Psychological assessment (If applicable)
Approx $1,500 to $3,000
Dossier preparation and authentication of documents.
Approx. $400
Medical review of child's referral - Physician fee.
Approx. $ 400 to $600
Independent physician and lab tests for the child.
Approx. $500
Child’s foreign passport.
Approx. $120
US visa per child
Child’s medical exam and TB test for issuance of US Visa.
Miscellaneous documents.
Approx $100
Airfare per adult / per trip.
Approx. $1,000-$1,500
Airfare expense per child.
Approx $1,000
Lodging, five to seven weeks.
Approx. $7,000
In-country transportation. (depends on location)
$300 and up
Departure tax per couple (If applicable)
Approx. $150
Re-adoption in the US court system. (if desired)
$1,000 and up
Finalization of adoption in the United States for cases with Guardianship/Kafala orders.
Approx. $2,000-3,000
Updates for documents as sometimes required.
$200 and up
Translation of documents when updates are required.
$200 and up